Product Name : sda-065r smd cover Tape
Product Introduction

Description :

SDA-065R Packaging Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape is a transparent, conductive polyester film backing with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) zone along each edge. SDA-065R Cover Tape has been designed to seal electrical and electronic components into polycarbonate carriers. It may also work well with other embossed carrier tapes.

Character :

  1. Adaptive several carriers. (PVC, PC, PS, Papers)
  2. No need of pre-heating during sealing.
  3. Transparent.
  4. Good stability.
  5. High operation speed continuous sealing

Standard Size :

Cover Tape(mm):9.3 , 13.3 , 21.3 , 25.5 , 37.5 , 49.5 , 66.5
Roll Length(M):200 , 500

Properties Standard
Properties Unit Specification Average Test Values
Color   amber  
Tensile Strength N/mm 7.0 ASTM-D3759
Elongation % 100min.avg ASTM-D3759
Thickness mm mm 0.065±0.05 min.avg.. ASTM-D3652
Adhesion to Steel cN/bel 30~70 ASTM-D1000
Externally Resistivity OhmsΩ/cm ≧1012 ASTM-D257
Conductive Resistivity OhmsΩ/cm ≦108 ASTM-D257