Product Name : PTS-0505 PCB Green Tape
Product Introduction

Description :

PTS-0505 Polyester Film backing with silicone-based adhesive that will be high performance tape for printed circuit board masking where slightly less adhesive thickness is acceptable at low cost, undercutting is reduced, can be removed without leaving residue, excellent solvent resistance.

Character :

  1. Designed for masking PCB to resist plating.
  2. Splicing of silicone release coated films, paper and textiles.
  3. Good heat resistance.
  4. Good stability.

Standard Size :

Wide(mm) :max width 1000mm
Roll Length(M): standard 33M and 66M rolls, 3"i.d. core.

Properties Standard
Properties Unit Specification Average Test Values
Color   amber  
Total Thickness mm(mil) 0.050(2)±10% 0.050(2)
Tensile Strength kg/25mm(lb/1”) 8(17.6) min.avg 9(19.8)
Elongation % 60 min.avg.. 80
Adhesion to Steel kg/25mm(oz/1”) 0.8(28.1) min.avg. 0.95(33.4)
Unwind force g/25mm 800 800
Dielectric Breakdown KV 4 min.avg. 4.8
Heat Resistance - 180℃ x 1hr good